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2019 Bus safety

Student Safety and the School Bus

In New York State this year, approximately 2.3  million school children will ride a school bus to and from school. 50,000 drivers and their school buses will make it happen SAFELY.  NYS School Bus Drivers are trained, tested, and certified able to complete this task. But without cooperation from the students, parents, and public, we can only do so much.  

Please help us do our best by practicing the following safety measures:


  • Please listen to your driver. They are the eyes and ears as to danger to you.  Sit quietly in your seat. Speak quietly to those near you. Extra movement ( jumping up and down, fighting, teasing others) will distract the driver from driving.  These behaviors will make it hard to drive safely.
  • At the bus stop, wait at least 15 feet back from the road. If you are too close,the driver may stop before the designated loading point, so as to keep the students out of danger of being too close to the bus. No running, horseplay, pushing, skates or bikes allowed.
  • No loose clothing, drawstrings, straps on backpacks,or scarves allowed. These items can get caught on a door, handrail, or other parts of the bus and cause injury.
  • When departing the bus, look both ways. Traffic may not always stop. Any person should move 15 feet away from the bus when unloading.  If crossing remember “I see you, you see me”. Keep eye contact with the driver so they may signal you when it is safe to cross. Remember- the Driver is in Charge.  Never go back to the bus if you forget an item, NEVER go under the bus to retrieve a dropped item.


  • It is ILLEGAL to pass a School Bus with the red lights activated in NYS. This includes roads, bus loops, parking lots, school grounds, or anywhere else the bus is loading and unloading. Penalties are stiff financially, and may put 5 points on your license. Passing a school bus could cause injury to a student, possibly your child!
  • Yellow flashing lights mean slowdown as the bus may be stopping. Red flashing lights mean STOP!

NOTE:  The Letchworth bus loop (off School Road) is closed to other vehicles when any bus is loading or unloading.


Together, we can keep our students safe!  THANK YOU!