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Below you can find  Current News &  Updates as well as the current Newsletter.
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Current News & Updates

Class of 2024 - Top 10
Kimberly Cummins

Letchworth CSD - Class of 2024 - Top 10

Class of 2024 - Top 10

#1 - Jack Carney, #2 - Richard Hoyt, #3 - Lila Bailey, #4 - Kaitlyn Conway, #5 - Emily Perl, #6 - Mylah McCormick, #7 - Evan Carter, #8 - Samuel Plymale, #9 - Olivia Wahr, #10 - Abigale DeRock.


Congratulations All!

February 2024 Newsletter

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February 2024 - Newsletter

A Message From Superintendent Campbell

It’s Time. February 2024 will see the Innovation Center at LCS become a reality. This new state of the art facility will offer our students a learning space that emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture/ Arts, and Mathematics. This two year building project is finally ready for our students. Staff have been training on the new equipment and moving their supplies into this beautiful renovated area encompassing over 4,000 square feet. Classes include Woodworking, HS Tech, Welding, Design and Drawing for Production, Coding and Game Design, Graphic Arts, Architectural Drawing and Welding to name a few. Students will be able to experience a creative, innovative, and hands-on environment that will include a student’s ability to see a project develop and come to life in a collaborative and practical application. The Innovation Center includes two new pieces of equipment that we have never had to offer before; a CNC router and a plasma cutter.

The District will be announcing an Open House at a future date to invite the public in to see this new space in person.

Thank you for the high community participation in our recent survey looking for new Logo/ Name ideas for Letchworth CSD. The Stakeholder Group has reviewed all of the submissions and will soon send a list of names out to students, staff, alumni and the community for a vote. Results will help the Stakeholder Group select the names that are used for the final vote. A few things to remember are; Letchworth CSD and the school colors red and white will remain. The only change will be the logo and mascot name. You can always check out our school website to get more information on the process. logo-information

In closing, we are proud and thankful for the many opportunities this school has to offer your children. Your support and encouragement sustains us even when there are difficult days. You may have heard that Governor Hochul has presented a NYS budget that could be damaging to many rural schools, if passed. We are advocating hard to be sure that our rural schools are not overlooked. We have an amazing staff here that are committed to your children. I encourage all of you as parents and/or community members to stay informed, ask questions and advocate for Letchworth CSD. Each child is important to us. The pages of this newsletter provide evidence of that. My hope is that you realize you are listened to, valued and part of the educational process. This is your school, take pride in it.

Together...We are Letchworth,

Todd Campbell, Superintendent of Schools


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Middle School Students of the Month


Ms. Tisdale and Mrs. Wilcox welcomed visiting artist Gretchen Cowie to Letchworth this November as a way to show how art and agriculture come together in the classroom and within our community.

Gretchen Cowie is a fiber farmer, artist and mother located within Castile.

During her visit, Gretchen presented and created discussion around the different types of fibers that can be used in the making of fiber art. This includes cotton, linen and different types of wool. She also talked with students about what it means to care for the animals that produce the fiber and what it takes to be a fiber farmer. Gretchen’s presentation followed along the entire journey of making fiber art from start to finish. Beginning with how the fiber is harvested, she then explained how the fiber is processed, spun into threads and yarn and then woven into fabric. She went on to relate those practices of creating different types of fabric to clothes that we can find in our very own closets today.

In order for students to better understand the world of fiber farming and art, Gretchen Cowie offered a hands-on approach to learning. Equipment was brought in not only to demonstrate on, but for the students to experience themselves. Fiber in various stages of the fiber art process were also available for students to study and work with.

Letchworth students were left with an appreciation of not only the fiber art world as a whole, but also an appreciation for the arts within our own community. Providing experiences like this for our students is a priority that the Letchworth Fine Arts Department looks forward to expanding upon in the future.


Athletic Director Office 493-3511
Attendance Office 493-3510
Business Office 493-5150
CSE Office 493-3512
Director of Curriculum 493-3513
District Office 493-5450
Elementary Office PK-4) 493-2581
Guidance Office (5-12) 493-3530
Health Office 493-3520
High School Office (9-12) 493-2571
Middle School Office (5-8) 493-2592
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The Lower Level Page Turners took the top two spots in their Fall Competition that they hosted in the Letchworth Auditorium on December 15th. Letchworth White (grades 3 & 4) had the top score of 24 points with Letchworth Red (grades 5 & 6) coming in slightly behind with 21 points. Warsaw, Pavilion, and Attica also competed. Great job to our LCS Readers! Row 1: Callen Bonn Row 2: Brooklyn Malik, Anthony Tisdale, Ella Holderer, Emma Bergmann, Josephine Bergmann, Naomi Bellamy, Scott Solis Berger, Ferndando Avalos-Perez Row 3: Coach DeGolyer, Quinton Yount, Annelise Grasso, Makena Gross, Violet McCready, Xxavier Washington, Emily Hemming, Payson Keller, Lennox Roberts, William Weibel, Coach Breunig.


Since September the students in The Elementary Math Lab have been working hard on sharpening their math skills while also working toward helping our local New Start Kitty Shelter. It all started when the students learned about a cat named Nala that was abandoned and left to die in the mountains of Bosnia. A young Scotsman named Dean Nicholson, was on an adventure to bike around the world. He saw this 6 week old kitten and decided to get her some help. These 2 developed an unbreakable bond and through their adventures they discovered many animals suffering the same plight as Nala. Dean and Nala began raising money through the sale of books and yearly calendars to contribute to and support animal rescue globally. Mrs. Grove and Mrs. McBride, math lab teachers, offered the students an opportunity to earn quarters from their teachers with every new math skill that they mastered, with the condition that they donate their quarters to the New Start Kitty Shelter in Castile. What an amazing response! These 78 students never worked harder at addition, subtraction, place value, counting by 2’s, 5’s, memorizing multiplication facts and on and on. They took such joy in knowing that their hard work not only made them a better math student but also gave them an opportunity to make a difference for something bigger than themselves. The students earned $69.75 and learned that 1 small quarter can make a difference when we all work together. In January we will continue with our mission but for now these students should make the Letchworth community very proud!


All district children turning 4 on or before December 1, 2024 are eligible. Parents, please register your child on the Letchworth Central School District website, by February 16, 2024. If necessary, a lottery will be held for students registered by this date. Please call 585-493-2581 if you have any questions. (there is no tuition cost to parents)

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Last spring, NY State officially declared that the Fall cheerleading season would become “Game Day” cheerleading. Game Day is a return to the more traditional aspects of cheerleading that emphasizes crowd engagement, school spirit, and basic technical cheerleading skills. For those of you who went to our game or competitions, you heard a very different type of music and saw a very old school style of cheerleading. We incorporated signs, megaphones, and pom poms into our routine. We even found the old marching band flags from the 1990’s and used them to perform to band chants and fight songs.

Going into our first competition we were not sure what to expect. There were so many new rules and expectations to follow. We didn’t even know if our routine included all of the required elements or if it was choreographed correctly. It did not take long for us to come to the conclusion that we did have it figured out! Our team won the following awards this Fall:

  • 1st place - LCAA Division 2
  • Grand Champions of LCAA
  • 2nd place - Penfield “Battle at the Birdhouse”
  • 1st place - Brave Battle in Avon
  • 1st place - Section V Class C2
  • Class C Representative of the NY State tournament
  • 5th Place in NY State

This proved to be a season of firsts: the first time for Game Day Cheer, our first LCAA title, our first Sectional title, and our first trip to the state championship. It was an experience we will never forget! We are incredibly thankful for the encouragement and support we received this fall season from our parents, grandparents, family, friends, our teachers, Mr. King, Mrs. Cummings, Mr. Campbell, Sports Boosters, and Board Members. Thank you to our local fire departments for our escort to school after winning Sectionals and to the entire Letchworth community for the love and support you continually show to our students. Our district is truly a special place! Coach Mistretta and Coach Graham


The Letchworth Varsity Wrestling team earned the 700th victory in the school's history. This milestone was achieved on December 16th, 2023 at the South Seneca Tournament with a 57 - 17 win over Hannibal. Letchworth Wrestling was established in 1947 and quickly started its’ proud tradition that we still carry on today, 76 years later. A big thank you goes out to Jim Kemp for his record keeping and research which allows  achievements such as this to exist.

Letchworth Wrestling:
9 Sectional Team Championships
29 League/Divisional Championships
141 Individual League Champions
99 Sectional Championships
16 Super Sectional Championships
5 NYSPHSAA Championships

DID YOU KNOW…. The following information can be found on our website:

  • Cafeteria Menus
  • Free / Reduced Lunch Application Form
  • School Newsletters
  • Board of Education: Meeting Schedule / Agenda / Minutes
  • Calendar of Events
  • Link to Sports Schedules
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Five Students Participate in Area All-State Music Festivals

Letchworth was very proud to send five musicians to participate in the NYSSMA Zone 2 Area All-State Festivals this past November! The top student musicians from the Greater Rochester region are chosen to participate in junior high (grades 7-9) and senior high (grades 10-12) honors ensembles at these festivals. To be eligible, students had to audition with a solo piece at this past spring’s NYSSMA Solo Festival. Our students’ hard work earned them outstanding scores, granting them a spot at the festival.

Duncan Raymond and Turner Bartholomew performed with the Junior High Mixed Chorus, directed by Mr. Kent Knappenberger. Madison Youngers and Evelyn Raymond performed with the Junior High Treble Choir, directed by Mrs. Sarah Christy. Gabriel Sommer (trombone) performed in the Senior High Band, directed by Dr. Mark Scatterday. These students prepared with help from Mrs. Raymond and Ms. Hubbard. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication these five students put into their ensembles. Bravo to everyone for an outstanding performance!

LCS Jazz Band and Spectrum Go Caroling

The LCS Jazz Band and Spectrum presented beautiful performances for the assisted living homes in Warsaw on December 22, 2023. They performed at The Cloisters, The Skilled Nursing Facility, and East Side while enjoying a meal at the Silver Lake Restaurant for lunch. The students who participated were Noah Almeter, Turner Bartholomew, Miranda Hoyt, Gianna Krobe, Jack Carney, Lily Distaffen, Caden Haxton, Evan Carter, Brian Fay, Onalee Gates, Morgan Goodell, Kendra Brace, Isaac Hanson, Shelby Hastreiter, Seth Kopczynski, Mylah McCormick, Annetta Owens, Evelyn Raymond, Abigail Schreiber, Gabe Sommer, Z Sommer, Elijah Volpe, Bella Wahr, and Madison Youngers.

This is always a great opportunity to give back to the community and represent Letchworth Central School with the talented students we have. Ms. Hubbard and Mrs. Raymond would like to thank the community, administration, staff, Board of Education, students, and parents for their support in making this day possible!

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The Middle School has been getting Rachel’s Closet ready for students and families to use. The closet is an idea that came about from our assembly this fall about Rachel’s Challenge. Students have collected, washed and sorted clothes for students to use. There are warm clothes in all sizes child through adult. There are backpacks, shoes, and a small amount of toiletries available to any student or student's family that may be in need.

We have had questions about what kinds of things we may need donated. We can use items such as soap, lotion, shampoo, razors, deodorant, toothbrushes/paste, and feminine hygiene products. Clothing racks or shoe racks would also be helpful. Any warm clothes that are in good condition would be useful.

Students that may need things throughout the school day can let teachers or counselors know and they can be allowed to access the closet on their own to grab what they need. If families have a need they can call the Middle School office at 558-493-2592 and ask for Mr. Veiro or Mrs. Leone to set up a time to come and check out what we have to offer.

Our Friends of Rachel Club meets once a month and any student can join us. We have done things like set up Rachel's Closet, given notes to our bus drivers, sent thank you cards to our local first responders, and left positive messages on every single middle school locker. This group is striving to make things better for all of our students and to demonstrate how kindness can make a difference in someo’s life. Anyone that has questions about Rachel’s Closet can contact Mr. Veiro or Mrs. Leone at the Middle School office. 493-2592.


We are excited to announce a new resource available to the Letchworth community. Letchworth Central School has partnered with Care Solace, a mental health coordination service, to connect students, staff, and families with providers of mental health or substance use services.

There is no cost for this service and it is available 24/7/365. Contact can be made by phone at 1-888-515-0595 or on the website https:// After answering a few questions, Care Solace will find providers to match the expressed needs, present the identified options, and can even assist with booking an appointment.

This opportunity will expand access to mental health services with the goal of reaching more families in need. If you or anyone you know are in need of services, please share the information or contact Care Solace to initiate the process. Information regarding Care Solace can also be found on LCS Facebook or website.

For additional information, reach out to one of the Health Team members: Mr. V, Mrs. Vossler-Lewis, Mrs. McGowan, Mrs. Wilkie, Mrs. Bailey.

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Images shown - Letchworth BOCES students.


In the event that school is closed or delayed due to an emergency or bad weather, the following radio and TV stations will be notified. On mornings when weather is questionable, parents and students are advised to tune in to any of the following stations: WCJW (1140 AM) in Warsaw, WHAM (1180 AM) & Channel 13 in Rochester, WBEN (930 AM) and Channel 2, 4, & 7 in Buffalo. This information will also be updated on the school website at and broadcast through ParentSquare and Facebook.
Page 8- The Pride of Letchworth
Multiple images of what's been happening here at Letchworth