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APPR - Staff Qualifications

Parents/guardians have the right to know the professional qualifications, including college degrees and certifications, of their child’s classroom teachers and paraprofessionals that they may receive services from. To initiate a request for this information, please contact the Director of Curriculum at (585) 493-3513

Approved APPR October 2020

First page of the PDF file: AnnualProfessionalPerformanceLetchworthCSD

Document dated: October 8, 2020

Document Summary:

Dear Superintendent Campbell:

Congratulations. I am pleased to inform you that your Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plan meets the criteria outlined in Education Law §3012-d and Subpart 30-3  of the Commissioner’s Regulations and has been approved. As a reminder, we are relying on the
information you provided on your APPR form, including the certifications and assurances that are part of your approved APPR plan. If any material changes are made to your approved plan, your district/BOCES must submit such material changes to us for approval. Please see the attached notes for further information.
Please be advised that, pursuant to Education Law §3012-d, the Department will be analyzing data supplied by districts, BOCES, and/or schools and may order a corrective action plan if there are unacceptably low correlation results between the Student Performance category and the  Teacher Observation or Principal School Visits category, and/or if the teachers’ or principals’ overall ratings and subcomponent scores show little differentiation across educators and/or the lack of differentiation is not justified by equivalently consistent student achievement results, and/or if schools or districts show a pattern of anomalous results in the Student Performance category and/or the Observation/School Visits category
The New York State Education Department and I look forward to continuing our work together, with the goal of ensuring that every school has world-class educators in the classroom, every teacher has a world-class principal to support his or her professional growth, and every student achieves
college and career readiness.
Thank you again for your hard work.
Document Signed by: Betty A. Rosa - Interim Commissioner