• Big Dreams

    Be LEGENDary!  Be Part Of The Yearbook!

    All students are invited to join the Legend staff on Thursdays, 9th period, to help create the best yearbook yet! Anyone can be part of the book by submitting your photos* directly at www.hjeshare.com or with the HJeShare app! The Legend code is lcslegend. 
    *NOTE We cannot guarantee that all photos will be included in the yearbook.*
  • Class of 2020 order your yearbook now!!!!
    The Legend staff is pleased to announce that CSS Farms, Inc. will once again contribute $30 toward the purchase price of a yearbook for each senior. This means that each senior will pay only $25.00 for his/her book. This opportunity is available from October 1 to December 15, 2019 at 3:00 PM. Following the deadline the cost will be $55 and any late charges.

    Please contact Carrie Bartholomew (cbartholomew@letchworth.k12.ny.us) with any questions regarding the yearbook.

  • Senior Photos Are Due By October 18!!!

    You may submit up to 5 senior pictures* and a baby picture! Send your pictures to    cbartholomew@letchworth.k12.ny.us or submit them directly to Mrs. Bartholomew.  Digital files of at least 300dpi work best. If you do not submit photos, we will use photos taken by the school photographer.  

    *Number of photos used will be determined by Legend staff.



    Senior Account, Cash, or Check: October 2–18, 2019.  If you wish to use your senior account or cash to pay, please reserve your yearbook during lunch or 9th period in Mrs. Quartz’s room.   Checks Payable: Legend Yearbook  $25.00

    Debit Card or Credit Card: October 1– December 15, 2019  www.YearbookOrderCenter.com  School Order #40572