• Budget Vote and Board Election

    May 18, 2021, 12 Noon - 9 PM

    Auditorium Lobby

    Please wear your mask

  • 2020-21 BOARD MEMBERS


    Rob Jines, Pete Broughton, Bill Kuipers, Scott Kemp

    Nick Youngers, Mark Miller, Vanessa Karasiewicz, Claire Smith, Steve Youngers

  • Pete Broughton (Pres)

    I am a lifelong resident of Silver Springs and a 1990 graduate of Letchworth Central School.  I have four children attending Letchworth Central School and I own and operate three successful businesses.  I feel it is important to be involved with the community you live in.  Letchworth Central School is a great school district and a big part of our children’s future.  My involvement with community service in the past  has been extensive: Wyoming County 4H , Wyoming County Fair Board, Wyoming County Farm Bureau and on numerous New York State Beef Producers Associations.  I truly feel my experience as a business owner and employer, along with my involvement in our community have given me invaluable knowledge.  Serving on the Letchworth Central School Board is a great way for me to give back to the community.

    Scott Kemp (Vpres)

    I am a 1997 graduate of LCS with four children enrolled here at Letchworth. That alone gives me a vested interest in what is happening in our school, the district and the state where education is concerned.  I believe my experience in the agricultural industry can be helpful as the district continues to develop and refine it agricultural programs.  I take pride in serving the community as part of the Board Of Education. Together we strive to keep the district operating at the highest level possible. Please feel free to speak to me about anything happening in the district and to share any concerns you may have. Thank you

    Robert Jines

    My wife Elisha and I are both graduates of Letchworth and live in Pike with our two daughters, both students at Letchworth.  I feel very fortunate to be able to send my children to such an outstanding facility with a wide variety of educational programs.  This is a testament to the support of our community.  I strive to represent you the best I can and to maintain the forward momentum our district needs.



  • Vanessa Karasiewicz

    I am a longtime resident of Pike and a 1986 graduate of Fillmore Central School.  My husband John and I have two children both students at Letchworth.  I work at SUNY Geneseo in the Computing & Information Technology department and have been there for 19 years.  I care about our school community and the future of Letchworth Central School.  I feel it’s important to maintain high academic standards and to encourage participation in sports and the fine arts. I am honored to work with the other members of the board to serve the community and help move our district in a positive direction.  I believe there are many talented teachers and staff that make Letchworth Central a great school offering  many opportunities for our students to reach their goals and dreams.

     William Kuipers

    As a former member of the Board of Education (2001 -2016) I am aware of the many challenges our school district faces financially and with the ever growing safety and educational standards.  As a long time resident of the district whose children graduated from Letchworth Central School and whose grandchildren are now attending Letchworth, I am aware of how important education is in opening doors for a child to lifetime opportunities.  I appreciate your vote allowing me to continue to serve on the Letchworth Central School Board of Education and therefore maintain my involvement in the education process of this district.

    Mark Miller

    I am a lifelong resident of Castile in the Letchworth Central School District.  I graduated from LCS in 1979 and then continued my education at Alfred State College, graduating with an Associates Degree in Applied Science in 1981.  My wife Kathleen and I have a blended family with five children.  Three children, Christopher, Nicholaus and Carley are all graduates of Letchworth.  Still living at home are RJ and Maddyn.  We also have three grandchildren.  I am a retired New York State Police Officer after completing a 32 year career.  My wife, Kathleen,  is a stay at home mom with her own photography business.  My goal is to help ensure a safe environment for students and faculty, afford students the educational opportunities needed for success in adulthood, and responsible, common sense use of your tax dollars.  I would greatly appreciate your support to serve on the Letchworth Board of Education.


  • Claire Smith

    My family and I reside in the heart of Gainesville and we’ve been residents of Wyoming County our entire lives. I graduated from LCS where I held officer positions in the FFA. After LCS I pursued my college education at SUNY Cobleskill, obtaining my CAN, then attending  Alfred State for Nursing. I currently serve as an administrative nurse at East Side Nursing Home in Warsaw. My daughter and son are in elementary school here at Letchworth.  I am proud to be part of the BOE and to provide assurance that every child should be considered when making decisions. Letchworth has an amazing base of opportunities for our students, from music and arts to Ag and tech, to science and sports. There’s something for everyone here, and we will make every effort to keep it that way, while maintaining a safe and healthy atmosphere.

     Nick Youngers

    I am a 1999 graduate of Letchworth Central School District and a 2003 graduate of SUNY Geneseo.  I work locally within the agriculture industry as a Certified Crop Consultant.  I live in Silver Springs  and have two children.  As a father of small children, I feel a responsibility to be knowledgeable of the decisions that will impact their education as well as the school district.   I believe a school district is the foundation of a child’s future and one of the most important influences; therefore, I am pleased to be part of Letchworth’s Board of Education.

    Steve Youngers

    We are fortunate that our District is in a sound financial situation.  Making sure your tax dollars continue to be used effectively is a priority.  I am a lifelong resident of the Letchworth District; a 1977 graduate.  My wife, JoAnn, and I live in Gainesville.  My three children and two step-children are all graduates of this impressive district.  There is now a third generation of Youngers attending Letchworth Central, my two granddaughters and my grandson.  I have served multiple terms on the Board and would like to continue to be a part of the decision making process for the school.  My goal is to maintain and improve the best educational opportunities for our students that they might realize their fullest potential.