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ELL Determination & Services

Procedures for ELL Determination

Per NYSED regulations, all students and families are asked to complete a Home Language Questionnaire upon enrollment in a public school. Any family that indicates a home language other than English will then be referred to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction to schedule the NYSITELL assessment. This identifies language proficiency and areas of need for reading, writing, speaking and listening in English.

The NYSITELL results will be used to determine the level of need and service provided to students who qualify as an English Language Learner. Letchworth CSD offers English as a New Language program, not a Bilingual Education program. Students will be provided ELL services by certified teachers in ESOL and/or Literacy.

ELL students are required to take the NYSESLAT assessment annually each spring to determine their progress in the English language. The results categorize students as Entering, Emerging, Transitioning, Expanding and Commanding. Services provided to each individual student are regulated by the level of achievement and adjusted each year, as appropriate. Once a student reaches "Commanding" level, they are excited as an English Language Learner.

For more information on the NYSESLAT assessment, please Click Here