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OSC Audit - January 2019

Audit - OSC January 2019

First page of the PDF file: Audit-OSCJanuary20191

Document Highlights Include: 

Report Highlights - 1

Reserves- 2

How Should a Board Ensure Reserves Are Properly Established and Reasonably Funded? - 2

The Board Did Not Adopt an Adequate Reserve Fund Policy - 2

Reserves Were Unreasonably Funded - 2

What Do We Recommend? - 4

Appendix A – Response From District Officials - 5

Appendix B – OSC Comments on the District’s Response - 8

Appendix C – Audit Methodology and Standards - 9

Appendix D – Resources and Services - 10

Corrective Action Plan 2019.04.09

First page of the PDF file: CorrectiveActionPlan201904091

Document Highlights Include:

The Corrective Action Plan (CAP) attached was approved by Board of Education Monday, April 8, 2019.

The Corrective Action Plan (CAP) will be available for public review in District Clerk's office.