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June of 2023- COMPLETED

  • Inform the public through ParentSquare and Summer newsletter the process the LCS BOE has been working on to preserve the current logo and next steps. (include the FAQ)

  • End of June, the formation of a resolution from the BOE to move forward with a new logo/emblem exploration.

September- October of 2023 - COMPLETED

  • Co-Chairs: Todd Campbell-Tyler King and a selected HS student

  • Distribute an application (Parentsquare/website) to ask for Stakeholder Group (SG) participation.- due October 16, 2023

  • Choose Stakeholder Group (limit of 15 members plus co-chairs)

  • First SG mtg to review timeline and protocols. - November 1, 2023

November- January of 2024 - COMPLETED

  • Distribute a logo survey to gather feedback and possible new logo ideas.

  • SG will develop a list of preferred logos from the survey to be submitted for a vetting process by January 31, 2024

February of 2024- COMPLETED

  • Stakeholder group will present findings to Board of Education
  • Stakeholder group will send list out for a vote to narrow down a finalist list (Distributed on ParentSquare, Social Media and website).
  • SG will narrow the logo selection down to top choices.

March/April of 2024

  • March/April of 2024Vote held by the LCS student body, faculty/staff and community residents for the new logo/name (in person ballots) - starts April 12, 2024

  • Unveiling of the new logo and the retiring of Indians.
  • Unveiling of new name (click here)
  • Remain the Indians until the end of the school year 2024

Summer of 2024 and September of 2024

  • Begin the process of changing school branding

  • Implementation of branding completed by September of 2025