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Final 4

The official school name will remain Letchworth CS along with school colors:  Red/White

Letchworth CSD LOGO- Nickname- Final 4

(in alphabetical order)


Big Red- Letchworth Big Red is a description used for many years when referencing a Letchworth team. It represents a feeling of strength and unity. In any season, in any era you can hear the Letchworth faithful cheer “Let’s go Big Red”

Firebirds- A bird with a brilliance of red color and flames representing the rise, rebirth and beginning of a new era.

Legends- A legend is a story of great pride that is handed down for generations, reflecting what Letchworth is all about. One who may also leave behind an unforgettable impression on others. The Letchworth yearbook has been called “The Legend” for decades. 

Letchworth (No Nickname)- A stand alone name representing the strength of our community and history that lives here. (Our school name comes from William Pryor Letchworth)

  • Finalists were chosen based on the results of the Final 8 vote. 

  • Voting process will begin Friday, April 12th.

    • Students and Staff will be sent a Google Form link or hard copy for an official vote on Friday, April 12th.

    • Absent students or staff will have the opportunity to vote upon their return to school.

    • District residents and/or alumni will register through the district website or main office to obtain a voting link/ballot. (Hard copy ballots are available in all main offices)

    • Once validated, district residents and/or alumni will be sent a Google Form link to vote. If voting in person, at a main office, a paper ballot will be issued. 

    • Voting will close at the end of the school day on Thursday, April 18th. 

    • The specific “LOGO” image will be decided after the new Nickname is chosen.  The District will utilize student input during the process.  


Click here for Voting Registration Link

Final Four Logo