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Interesting Facts


Letchworth School - Shield Image
  • Letchworth Central School was named for William Pryor Letchworth, not Letchworth State Park.
  • Other names considered for Letchworth were:
    • Wiscoy Valley Central
    • Memorial Central
    • Mary Jemison Central
    • Gainesville Central
    • Genesee Valley Central
    • Forward Central
    • Wyoming Valley Central
  • The beautiful mosaic mural located on the front of the building symbolizes David Starr Jordan's life. Mr. Jordan, of Gainesville, was a world renowned naturalist who became president of Stanford University in California.
  • H.J. Harrison was the first Superintendent of Letchworth, but he did not live to see the building completed.
  • The original plans for LCS included a high school, bowling alleys, an auditorium, and elementary rooms.
  • In order to obtain the vote to centralize, a gentleman's agreement guaranteed each village a board seat and its own elementary building. However, the elementary is now consolidated into the K-12 Building.
  • LCS Campus is located "in the middle of nowhere" so that no village would have special advantages.
  • Mr. Rogers is only the sixth principal of the High School.
  • A 5-acre solar-array was completed in the Summer of 2017, producing power for the school district and surrounding area.