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History of LCS

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Letchworth Central School we encourage you to check out this information and click on the links below.

"This work is a reduced version of a larger work on the history of the district. Many people gave hours of their time to the author as research sources, editors, and typists.  Recognition and thanks must be extended to the Charles Little, Layton Vogel, Thomas Hance, Ronald V. Smith, Edalyn Everett, William Whitehall, Patricia Karner, Elen Uebbing, and Gerry Haff among others."

An outline on the History of Letchworth Central School District Gainesville, New York by Stephen J. Uebbing, 1981.  Instructor of Social Studies at Letchworth Central School.



The Centralization Process

The Junior-Senior High School

The Addition

The Genereux Years

Into the 80's