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Superintendent Message - April 2020

April 6, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

My family, like yours, is going through many adjustments right now. As we juggle the new
demands on us as parents, we cannot forget about the basic parenting skills that matter most.

Providing an environment that is loving, calm and nurturing becomes more difficult under stress.

The last thing you need as a parent is to feel unneeded stress from the school. You know what you and your family are able to do, and we are here when you need us. So, just remember that our staff have some priorities as we move forward. These two priorities supersede any decision we are making now or in the future.

Remember...we will be:

Compassionate: We will be empathetic to your unique circumstances. We will listen and help
in any way we can. We will not be judgmental and we will do our best to support your needs
with your child’s learning or other concerns. You need support and that is what we will provide.

Flexible: Everyone’s needs and homes are different. Some are still working every day and
some, unfortunately, are laid off. Some have the internet and some do not. Some are caring for many children and some just one. One model does not fit each of you. It is our job to work within what you can do. Now that you know that these are what guide us, you can count on us and continue to trust us.

There are several letters enclosed in this envelope that will help you. Read the ones that
pertain to your child/children and discard the others. We have a helpful one-page parent
guide that can be posted on the fridge and give you a quick glance at each building's expectations and contact information. All of this information is also posted on our school website for your convenience.

In closing, I want to especially thank all of those who are helping in many various ways during
this crisis. You are heroes to us. We owe you so much! You are in my prayers.

Together...We are Letchworth,

Todd Campbell


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