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Seniors 2020

March 19, 2020

Dear Seniors,
We miss you all. You can be sure that this will be in future history books and this will be an event that will set you apart from any Senior class in the past, present or future. So, let’s just say that you are now famous.

So, what does this all mean for you and your classmates?

  • We know that social distancing isn’t a big deal for any of you because you stay connected on your devices. This will teach us old folks that we need to be more proficient on our devices so we are not hindered by these circumstances. Obviously, this is not ideal but we know you will keep communicating with each other.
  • Use this time wisely. Search out scholarships (contact Ms. Vossler or Mr. Woitaszek with questions), work on applications for colleges, take virtual field trips at those schools, research technical schools and future job opportunities. Use this time to consider your future and what your interests really are.
  • Be kind, thankful and helpful to your siblings and parents. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to practice being an adult. Actually you are an adult, so be one. Do the little things around the house without being asked. Help your little brother or sister with some school work and be patient with them. Encourage them and make yourself available to them. Help cook a meal or learn how to do your laundry. Very soon you will be out of the house and these life skills will be your responsibility. Most of all, make wise decisions about staying healthy. You may be very healthy now, but you have a responsibility to do your part not to be exposed to or contract this illness. You could carry it to someone who is high risk, so be safe.
  • What about the Senior Trip, Prom and Graduation and all our special Senior stuff? It is way too early to know right now how this will all play out. When we have the facts, we will share them with you. Nothing at this point is cancelled.
  • Check your email frequently and the school website. Regular updates will be sent to you by your teachers and instructors.
  • We are running reports to see where each of you are at in regards to graduation  requirements. We will be in touch individually when we have more direction from the state. Don’t panic about this right now.

In closing, we know this is not easy. We are very sorry this is happening. But, we are optimistic that things will change and we will get back to normal here at school. Reach out to us if you need anything. You all know our email.

Stay the course and take care of each other.

Mr. Rogers and Mr. Campbell


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