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On December 15, 2020 Letchworth Central School District residents had the opportunity to vote on a $20.35 million Capital Improvement Project. Continuing off from the successes of the previous work at Letchworth, this project represents the District’s commitment to program-based learning and redesigning spaces to suit the educational needs of Letchworth students. This project will result in no additional tax impact for community residents.

The District and Board of Education have developed this Capital Project with the priority of creating instructional spaces to promote more collaboration amongst peers and teach technical skills to prepare students for their next steps after graduation.

“We are looking forward in the future to what our students need to be successful in whatever path they choose to take after graduation. We want to develop learning spaces that not only fit the students that want to go on to higher education, but also a learning environment that caters to the students who are excited about going out into the workforce. This project captures that,” said Superintendent Todd Campbell.

This project will focus on creating classrooms to expand upon existing instructional programming as well as continuing to upgrade the building’s aging infrastructure. A major portion of this project is creating dedicated Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Math (STEAM) classrooms for all students to use.