Coping Tools: What Helps Me?

Read a Book or Magazine 📚;

Hug or Climb a Tree 🌳

Journal or Write a Letter 📓

Use Kind & Compassionate Self- Talk 🥰

Make a Collage or Scrapbook 📖

Rest, Nap or Take a Break 😴

Go on a Hike, Walk, or Run 🥾

Take Good care of the Earth 🌎

Drink Water 🚰

Play a Board Game ♟

Do something kind ☺

Make & Play with slime 🦠

Discover Treasures in Nature 🐞

Take a Shower or a Bath 🛀

Exercise 🏋

Drink a Warm Cup of Tea ☕

Practice Yoga 🧘

Garden or Do Yardwork 🧤

Jump on a Trampoline 🕴

Cuddle or play with your pet 🐾

Practice Gratitude 📋

Do a Puzzle 🧩

Blow Bubbles

Smile and Laugh 😂

Ride a bike or skateboard 🚲 🛹

Create Origami 💮

Cook or Bake 🍪

Ask for Help 🙋

Talk to someone you can trust 📣

Weave, Knit, or Crochet 🧶

Build something 🏗

Get a Hug 🤗

Visualize a Peaceful place 🏖🌄


Make Art 🎨

Use positive affirmations 💭

Take slow, mindful breaths

Clean, Declutter or Organize 🧹

Use Aromatherapy 👃


Try or Learn something new 💡

Listen to Music 🎶💿 📻

Use a stress ball or other fidget

Get Plenty of sleep 💤

Kick, Bounce, Throw a Ball ⚽🎾🏀

Take or look at photographs 📷

Eat Healthy 🥕

Play outside

Sing and/or dance 🎤💃🕺