10 Test-Taking Tips

These tips can help improve student performance on this type of test. Students frequently take tests comprised of multiple-choice questions.

  • Follow the test directions exactly.
  • Read the WHOLE question before looking at the answer choices.
  • Answer the easy question first; don’t spend too much time on any one question. When skipping a question, remember to SKIP THAT NUMBER on the answer sheet.
  • Anticipate the answer when you read the question.
  • Read all the answer choices.
  • If your answer is one of the choices, bubble it in and move on.
  • If your answer is not one of the choices, cross out the answers you know are wrong; this will narrow your choices and make it more likely that you will pick the right one.
  • For reading comprehension sections: scan the questions before you read the passage.
  • On standardized tests, the number of correct answers, not the number of wrong ones, usually determines the score. Ask if guessing will count against you, then use the narrowing down methods noted above and don’t leave any questions blank.
  • Be sure to bubble in answers properly. Multiple-choice tests are often graded by computer; stray marks on the answer sheet will count against you. Bubble in your choice completely while staying within the oval.