• Questions Parents Ask

    Ask the teacher: What is the homework expectation?

      • How often is it assigned?
      • Are there regular nights each week? Which ones?
      • How long should it take to complete?

    Ask the school office: How can parents know what homework is assigned?

      • Does the school have a Homework Hotline? If so, how do I use it?
      • Do students’ have a daily planner to record homework assignments?
      • Do teachers use it to communicate with parents?

     How can parents make sure students complete the homework and turn it in?

      • Check the planner/agenda every day to see what your child has for homework.
      • Establish a daily homework time.
      • Monitor to see that the homework has been completed;
      • Make sure completed homework is either back in the binder or by the front door.

    What is a parent’s responsibility regarding homework?

      • Parents should not take over their child’s homework.
      • Doing the homework and handing it in is the child’s job. However, parents need to be firm and consistent letting children know doing homework and turning it in on time is a top priority.

    How can parents work with teachers to increase student success with homework?

      • Parents should not hesitate to contact the teacher to discuss a homework problem.
      • Keep up the communication with frequent check-ins if necessary. If problems persist, a homework contract can be set up.
      • If textbooks are not routinely available to take home, parents can often get one for use at home by making the request.  

     What can parents do if their student does not understand the homework?

      • When parents can tell their child does not understand concepts well enough to do their homework, they should write a note on the assignment to let the teacher know.
      • Most schools have free tutoring; parents can ask how to enroll their child. The parent’s responsibility is to monitor homework getting done—not to know how to explain it themselves—and to let the teacher know when students need further instruction.

    What should parents do about homework when their child has been absent?

      • If you know in advance that your child will miss school, request independent work assignments.
      • If your child has been ill, ask for a written list of all assignments and when they are due. Ask the teacher if your child needs to stay after school for extra help to catch up on instruction time.