Homework Tips

      • Check your student’s planner every day. 

        With your student, check to see what the day’s homework assignment is in every subject if days go by and there is nothing written down for homework, call the teacher to ask about homework. Many schools provide the students with planners; this is where all assignments and test dates should be written down. Make a “Homework Survival Kit” of supplies your child will need; then always keep the kit together and in the same place.


      • Check your student’s planner every day.  

        Set up a Daily Homework Time and stick to it, whether your child says he or she has any homework that night or not. During Daily Homework Time, which for middle school students should be at least 45-60 minutes, there are no distractions--- that means no TV and no telephone. If your child says there is no homework (and you have checked the planner), then the Daily Homework Time gets spent on reading or reviewing schoolwork.


      • Improve the pattern of homework getting completed and turned in.  

        Ask to see all completed assignments. You don’t have to be familiar with the subject area.  Parents don’t have to know algebra or history; you can tell if the work looks complete and neat. Then, set up a Homework Drop Spot by the front door or in whatever spot your family uses as a “don’t forget” location (like the kitchen counter). For the first few weeks, remind your child each morning to check the Homework Drop Spot as he/she is heading out to school.