How to Read with Your Child

  • Sample Questions to Ask:

    These are good for starting discussions; pick out a few each day. There are no right or wrong answers.

      • Look at the cover illustration, read the title, or read the short excerpt.


      • Ask: What do you think might happen in this story?


      • Read further. Ask: What do you think will happen next?  What makes you think that?


      • What part did you like best? Why?


      • Did this story remind you of anything you have done or seen?


      • Did the story end the way you expected it to? What were the clues that helped you figure it out?


      • Is this story like any other you have read or heard? How?


      • What questions would you ask if the author were here? Which would be the most important questions? How do you think the author might answer them?


      • Did you wonder about anything in this story?


      • What would you have done if you were_____________(story character)?


      • Was there anything about what we have just read that surprised you?


      • Why do you think the title of this book is ___________(book title)?


      • Who is the main character of this story? What kind of person is this character? How do you know?


      • What character in the book are you most like? Explain.


      • What would you change in the story if you were the author?


      • Would you have acted differently if you were ______________ (story character)?


      • Think of a different ending to the story. How would the rest of the story have to be changed to fit the new ending?