Improving Academic Performance

  • What Parents Can Do.....

    Would most parents send their sons and daughters off to a sports competition without practice? Without the proper equipment? Without knowing if they had accident insurance?

    Academic preparation requires training too…and parents can be the coach.  This is how to coach your student to attain academic success:

      1. Set high expectations:  

        Make sure children know it is important to YOU that they give school their best effort…and that you expect good results.

      2. Talk about school every day: 

        Ask about school every day; ask about what children are learning and how they are getting along with teachers and friends.

      3. Monitor school work and assignments:                                                                                                                              

        Check assignments every day. Ask to see planners, tests and other work. Have children explain assignments to you…and ask if they know exactly what they need to do in order to get good grades on assignments. If grades drop or go below a C, enroll them in additional help at school. Also get involved if you see your child is not being challenged enough.

      4. Make homework a daily habit:  

        Time needs to be set aside for homework every day…whether there is an assignment that day or not. If there is no homework due the next day, a daily homework routine means work is started on a long-term assignment or time is spent reading or reviewing.

      5. Be aware of test-taking schedules and preparation tips:

        Make sure students are well-rested and on time on test days. “Test” them yourself before subject tests. Go over test-taking tips for multiple choice and standardized tests.

      6. Stay in contact with the teacher: 

        Attend all conference opportunities. Ask to schedule a conference whenever you have a concern about your student’s progress. Always talk to the teacher at the first sign of academic trouble-- don’t wait. Conferences should give parents specific information on how their student is doing in each subject--- how they are performing in relation to grade-level expectations, academic standards, their own previous levels, strengths and weaknesses.

      7. Encourage your child to READ, READ, READ:  

        No single activity is linked to academic success as much as reading. Students should read at home every day. Turn off the TV and encourage students to read to you and with you. It helps when children see their parents reading too.