Proof of Residency & Proof of Child's Age

  • Proof of Residency:

    • Lease or deed
    • Affidavit (a written statement signed under oath) from the person you pay rent to, saying you live there
    • A letter from the person you pay rent to saying you live there
    • A letter from another person saying you live at your address 
    • Other documentation such as:
      • Pay stub showing your address
      • Income tax form that shows your address
      • Utility bill or other bill in your name
      • Membership documents based on residency, such as a local library card
      • Voter registration card
      • Driver’s license, or permit, or non-driver ID
      • State or other government issued ID
      • Documents from government agencies such as a social service agency or the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement
      • Custody or guardianship papers
  • Proof of Age:

    • Certified Birth Certificate (from any country)
    • Baptismal record (from any country)
    • A Passport (from any country)

    If you don’t have a Birth Certificate, baptismal record, or passport, you can use other documents if you’ve had them for at least two years, such as: 

    • Driver’s license
    • State or governmental ID
    • School photo ID with date of birth
    • Consulate ID card
    • Hospital or health records
    • Military dependent ID card
    • Other documents from federal/state/local agencies (examples: Department of Social Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement)
    • Court orders
    • Native American tribal document
    • Records from international aid agencies or voluntary agencies
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Last Modified on April 13, 2022